Improvements to Photo Albums and various bug fixes

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This evening we released a number of bug fixes, including:

  1. Printing the Mic-O-Say report is fixed
  2. Registering a person as a leader was breaking under certain circumstances (this is fixed)
  3. Added support for transactions in AUD (you can now change your currency in payment settings)
  4. Fixed a number of errors related to SOAR Database Imports

Also, in case you missed it, we recently added support for custom domains. You can learn more about it by clicking Support -> Custom Domain Settings.

Finally, I updated the gallery view of photo albums so you can see the labels added to each photo by our photo analyzer. In pictures that only have one "face", you can now tag the person in that photo and then view all photos of that person. You can then filter those photos by labels, which means it's now possible to do things like "find all photos of Johnny with a horse".

I hope you like this update.



Discuss this new feature in the TroopTrack Community