Remember Me and Inactivity Timeouts Bug Fix

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Hello TroopTrack Friends,

This morning we released a few changes that may interest you.

First, we added a "Remember Me" checkbox to log in. If you're on a private computer, you can check this box and you won't have to log in again for 90 days. Don't check this box if you're on a shared computer! 

Second, we fixed a problem many of you have mentioned. Have you ever spent a long time writing the perfect email in TroopTrack, or making a complicated custom award, only to hit save and be redirected to the login page?

Yeah, me too. That stinks. 

Well, it's fixed! The inactivity timeout now counts typing on your keyboard as activity, so it will prevent you from being automatically when you are in a long-running activity.

Finally, we did some work on custom domains to make them more stable, including more monitoring and automatic restarting the proxy server if it fails. We also added better logging so we can understand the root cause when it crashes.

Have a great long weekend!



Discuss this new feature in the TroopTrack Community