So many privileges!

TroopTrack has a very powerful, very flexible approach to privileges. You can control in great detail what users can do. But, with so many privileges, it can get confusing.

Which is why I've made a simple change to group privileges based on what they do. Now when you edit privileges, either for a single person or in bulk, they are grouped, like this:

And you can select a group of privileges or just a few, to suit your needs.

As long as I was in there, I also decided to add the ability to set access levels in bulk. Just click "Set Access Levels" from Manage -> Members -> Privileges and have at it.

Finally, I learned that some phones still limit text messages sent by email to 128 characters, and the new "reply" feature in text messages was using up those characters. So I split the reply into a separate text so it doesn't eat up your characters.

Oh, two more things I almost forgot about. 

1) For BSA units, I have fixed a performance problem in Internet Advancement Reports. Sorry it took so long to figure out. 

2) I also added a "notes" field to locations, so you can record information about your favorite camping spot!

Have a great weekend!

~ Dave