Achievement Changes for the Upcoming Academic Year

Hello TroopTrack Users!

Thank you for being TroopTrack customers. We hope you are thriving, looking forward to a great summer, and full of hope for the upcoming academic year.

Many organizations are releasing changes to their requirements over the next few months and we are working hard to keep up with them. Please understand that national organizations do not reach out to us proactively when they change their requirements and that we don't make changes unless we are able to confirm them through documentation from the national organizations. We would love it if they would keep us in the loop, but this is out of our control.

Because of this, we rely on you to let us know about these changes. To make it easier, I have added a new topic in the TroopTrack Community for you to report requirement changes to. You can access it here:

We are currently aware of the upcoming overhaul of cub scouts by BSA. Unfortunately, they have not released detailed requirements for the adventures, so we are waiting on those to be announced before we can release the updated ranks.

We are also aware of one AHG change that we have already added support for, the "Woven" patch.

We have also had reports of BSA changes for older scouters but haven't been able to confirm them yet.

Please post any requirement changes you are aware of to the community topic mentioned above. We will also be adding a link to this topic to the support menu very soon.

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Get outside with kids. It's good for you and for them.

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